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Keep your lenses clean and your vision clear with the Pollyeye Contact Lens Ultrasonic Clenaner. This powerful clenaner uses ultrasonic waves to clean your lenses quickly and easily. It's compact and lightweight design make it perfect for travel. The included contact lens case ensures your lenses are protected and ready to go. Whether you wear contacts for work or for play, the Pollyeye Contact Lens Ultrasonic Clenaner is a must-have for anyone who wants to keep their lenses clean and their vision clear.

  • 1. Ultrasonic Tech: This ultrasonic contact lens cleaner adopt advanced ultrasonic tech to clean your contact lens, unlike manual cleaning, it saves your time. and it can used to clean various contact lens, soft or hard material, like RGP contact lens, HCL contact lens, SCL contact lens, orthokeratology contact lens etc without any damage
  • 2. Efficient Cleaning and Energy Saving: Adopt ultrasonic tech which is an completely physical way, it provides a completely cleaning to your lens. And it is also energy saving but also long life span.
  • 3. Anti-rusted Stainless Steel Material: The cleaning tank adopts anti-leaking tech, so you dont need to worry that the water will leak into the machine or damage it. also the cleaning tank is made of anti-rusted stainless steel. So it is durable for use
  • 4. Two Working Timer Selection: Fast Cleaning Time: 3 min, Strong Cleaning Time: 5 min. Please DON'T use 3 min and 5 min together for daily cleaning. We will recommend you to using 3 min for daily cleaning and 5 min (Once a week); Simply press one timer and it will work. it will automatically shut down when it finished, easy to use.
  • 5. Small Size, Portable Contact Lens Travel Case, simply put it to your pocket and carry on the go.Note: The replacement basket is used when the basket was broken. We will recommend you to replacing the basket in the cleaning tank instead of the top basket. and if replaced required, please find the card slot of the top basket and use some strength to take it off and then install the new one. Any questions, please feel free to contact us. thanks!

  • Features:

    1. Research shows regular ultrasonic contact lens cleaners do not remove protein, lipid, crystallization or even fingerprints after 3 cleaning cycles.
    2. It is because lens and saline move in the same direction and no relative motion was created between them to Go to clean.
    3. uses Technology with ultrasonic 48 kHz frequency to clean the substances.
    4. such as protein deposition of relative motion and creates gentle friction between medical silicone damping heads, saline and lens to remove 90% of protein, lipid, and crystallization.
    5. Completely wipe out protein deposition, minerals and calcium covered on the surfaces of contact lenses Time-saving, no need for a soak in solution whole night.

Time-saving, no need for a soak in solution whole night


There's a little buzz, which means it's working. Contact Lenses are delicate products, cleaning can not be directly seen with the naked eye, after the wearing of cleaning can see the effect, long-term use, the eye will be better.

  • It is common that ithe stainless steel was a little hot for constant working but it will not damage your contact lens.
  • Please DONT use other chemical water to clean your contact lens, we will recommend you to use functional water, physiological saline, purified water to clean.
  • Please empty the water in the clean tank when you finished and Then use a clean cloth to wipe off the residual water stains in the sink.
Name:Contact Lens Ultrasonic Clenaner
Ultrasonic frequency:  48KHz
Electricity  Consumption:  7w

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1. Before the first time wearing, please soak the lenses in multi-purpose contact lens solution for at least 6 hours.

2. Please take off your lenses before sleeping.

3. Please do not attend any water sports when wearing lenses.

4. Always wash your hands before wearing, removing or handling your contact lenses.

5. Rinse and scrub your lens every 2-3 days to prevent protein precipitation which is not good for eyes.

6. Insert lenses before putting on make-up around eyes, and take off lenses before removing make-up.

7. Contact lenses are not one size fits all, please check with your Eye Care specialist to make sure whether the parameters are suitable for your eyes before purchasing.

Example contact lens prescription
Date of exam: 2020/12/31 (date of your check-up)
Expiry date: 2021/12/31 (expiry date for your prescription, usually a year)
  Base Curve (BC) Diameter (DIA) Power / Sphere (SPH) Cylinder (CYL) Axis (AX)
OD (Left Eye) 8.5 14 -1.5 -1.25 10
OS (Right Eye) 8.5 14 -1.25 -1.25 10
BC Determines to meet the curve of your eye; written in numbers or words: flat, median or steep.
DIA Indicates your contacts’ width to make sure they’ll cover your cornea properly.
SPH Uses "+" for farsightedness (hyperopia)(Which we don't support for now) and "-" for nearsightedness (myopia)(Which we support).
CYL & AX The two parameters are required to correct Astigmatism (which we don’t support for now).


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