Colored Contact Lenses

Know little about cosmetic contact lenses? Just read the information below, and then you will get what you want.

What's Cosmetic Contact Lenses?

Cosmetic contact lenses (sometimes called colored contact lenses) are worn on the cornea to protect the eyes and correct vision. According to the rigidity of the material, our lenses can be divided into rigid lenses, soft lenses and hybrid . For those with myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, having colored contact lenses will help, not only making the eyes more enchanting, but also more attractive in appearance, bringing great convenience to life.

Colored Contact Lenses Technology Development

Three main technologies of contact lenses you should know:

  1. Dry Printing Technology: the color of contact lenses is usually placed inside or outside the lens, which is a very simple method and has a low cost, but it will bring an uncomfortable wearing experience, so it disappeared in 2010.
  2. Sandwich Printing tec: the contact lens consists of three layers, and the color block is embedded between two transparent lenses, which can perfectly avoid the problem of fading, and the production method is more complicated. Many contact lens brands on the market currently use this method.
  3. The third method is better than the second one. This method not only colors the lens in the middle layer, but also simplifies the process and gives you a comfortable feeling when wearing it.

Contact Lenses Materials

There are also three colored contact lenses materials just like the production technology, which includes common regular materials, silicone hydrogel materials and non-ionic materials. However, considering the wearing feeling, lens fitness, lens moisture and softness, we mainly choose the silicone hydrogel materials.

The Figure of Colored Contact Lenses

When you choose your contact lens solution, there are several main figures models you can consider. They are radial, punctual, vaporous, circle, irregularly and so on. Just like the name applied, choose different contact lenses, you will see various figure on it. No matter which you choose, it has no effect for the contact lenses degree.

1, 2, 3, 4 tones of contact lenses

Aimed at different lens color combination, we grouped these colored contact lenses single tone, double tones, three tones and four tones. 1. Single tone means that there are only one color in contact lenses. Black and brown types are the most used. 2. Two tones lenses mainly add to black or dark outer ring, which mainly offer the enlarging effect, make your eyes look more sparkling. 3. Three-color contact lenses are more colorful than two-color contact lenses, giving you more choices. 4. The four-color cosmetic contact lenses have more colors to make the eyes look deeper, and a gray or black outer ring is added to provide a magnifying effect.


For some new friends in contact lenses, sometimes, you will feel uncomfortable when wear colored contact lenses, one of the reason may be your corneal short of oxygen. Under normal condition, our corneal need to breath. When the contact lenses'OTR is not up to standard, may be your eyes will not feel well. So when you choose your new contact lenses, you need to take the OTR into account carefully.

Some tips:

  1. Ensure pinch off the contact lenses when sleeping to offer corneal more breath and oxygen.
  2. Ensure pinch off your contact lenses when swimming just to avoid these microorganism in water will pollute the lens.
  3. Due to different wear place, for example, the frame glasses is on the front of your eyes, while the contact lenses is so near to corneal that don't have the distance effect like frame glasses, in some degree, for myopia, the degree of contact lenses is less than frame glasses.